Yeager C-3 XC1 (C-2) Yeager Tactical Response Fold Over NSR Sexy Bender Essentials(NSR-ESSENTIALS) Quick-Ship Combo(C-1) C-1 Minimalist Fold Over(TDI-HS) Quick Ship TDI Horizontal Knife Sheath(C-Mag) Concealment Magazine Pouch

Welcome to NSRTACTICAL, your #1 online source for high quality tactical gear and custom made Kydex holsters and magazine pouches!


Current estimated  lead time for custom orders:

6 Weeks 

estimated wait times are not guaranteed


Jordan Winkler aka "FX Hummel" from Tactical Response interviews NSR founder Dave White during a recent trip to participate in the High Risk Civillian Contractor Direct Action class in Camden, TN.

NSRTACTICAL.COM becomes the FIRST holster maker in America to make custom holsters for the new TP9-SA! Watch the interview below with NSR founder Dave White and James Yeager of Tactical Response .

Garry Marr aka "Tremis" from Tactical Response interviews NSR founder Dave White for "Kydex Week".

NSRTACTICAL is now offering Lasermax Centerfire compatible holsters! Please contact us for more details!

We are pleased to announce that as of July 14, 2014 ALL Magazine Pouches and Holsters now include adjustable retention screws as a standard feature!


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NSRTACTICAL.COM specializes in custom crafted, made to specification Kydex holsters, magazine pouches, and knife sheathes. We also specialize in making our original and nearly indestructible injection molded angled belt loops available to manufacturers, wholesalers, and the general public.

Our goals is to maximize value for our customers by only providing the highest quality gear and excellent customer service at the most affordable prices.

Coming Soon! We will also be offering a wide selection of ammunition, body armor, optics, apparel, survival and hunting gear, health and wellness supplements, and every other preparedness product imaginable!

Why Bother Having It If You Can't Defend It™?

New Products For August

NSR Glock Slide Cover Plate
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